What does it take to create a guerrilla communications workshop to an already creative industry?

guerrilla communications
Sneak peek of VIKA Books

You take an Associate Director well experienced in launching her own bestselling books on the side, and globally leading tech businesses to boot, and deliver a two day, high impact, workshop on exactly how guerrilla communications can be used to launch augmented reality books.

Senior C-suite team members from VIKA Books and Babinko attended the workshop which included homework with the promise of post-workshop review, tailored to their unique industries and products.

Emily shared: “Guerrilla communications is so often misunderstood, and I relished this opportunity to demonstrate the gripping power that a creative and carefully thought out campaign can deliver.”

And what did our participants think?

“Emily took us on a 2-day, high-energy journey from working through what our creative brands actually stood for, to planning our first guerrilla marketing campaign. She was knowledgeable, approachable and full of creative and practical insight.”

Jenny Grinsted, Founder, Babinko

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