Today we welcome Steve Hutson from Young Visions to our OggaDoon Loves blog, who reveals the passion that is driving him towards reaching out to young people – and using innovative virtual reality tech to do it.
My passion for enhancing the lives of young people comes from my own lack of a decent quality of life and the lack of support I received when I was younger. That’s not to say I haven’t had good times; I’ve had some wild times and wild events. But many have come from bad triggers.
Those triggers most likely formed first out of my early childhood dealing with, amongst other things, constant uprooting where I totalled six primary and secondary schools, multiple brushes with the law, teenage homelessness, total family estrangement and crack and heroin addiction all before I was even old enough to be called an adult. Most of this is now simply a blur.
But that was then, and this is now. Now my life is all about progression and creativity. Improving opportunities for young people, improving the support available to young people and enhancing learning experiences for all young people especially those left behind by ‘the system’.
I may have had some bad luck in my time but I’m also lucky in many other ways. I’m blessed with the creativity of constantly generating new ideas. Whether these ideas are on producing content such as screenplays, music lyrics, and creative designs, or ideas of programme initiatives for young people, creative thinking to produce engaging workshops for young people, events to benefit our communities, and my current project aiming to establish my own business blending all that together to work creatively with Children and Young People in education.
I don’t claim to be amazing, but I’m better than my circumstances have reflected so far, and so are many of the young people that I work with as a youth worker. Just like my life changed, so can theirs, and I want to use technology to enable that.
Imagine immersing yourself in someone else’s world through virtual reality, and suddenly gaining a fresh perspective on life – and the choices that you have made. Imagine someone who has committed a violent crime being able to experience what the victim saw. Imagine someone who is aggressive being in the shoes of someone experiencing hate crime. Imagine someone who is considering experimenting in drugs being able to see what it would be like through a simple headset.
I believe I have the right plans, the right vision, the right character, the right passion and the right motivations. Now it is time to see it all come together to add a new and positive chapter to a story with barely half of it told.
Do you have the technical skills to support Steve’s project? Do you have a passion for young people, and a drive to see their lives changed for the better? Click here to get in touch with Steve, and follow him on Twitter.