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Industry press coverage for new technology brand

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Targeted industry press coverage is worth its weight in gold for new technology brands. When you’re offering a niche software as a service (SaaS) product, there are specific target audiences you want to crack – and for our client BlackDice, we secured coverage in target industry press titles Enterprise IoT Insights and the EC Council before they’d even launched to market. That’s not including the thought leadership syndicated article series secured, reaching over 16m globally.

Talk to us about how we did it.

industry press coverage

Quantity isn’t everything. For B2B tech PR it’s not always how many people read about you, but that the right people read about you. The target press titles that you know your audience reads is just out of reach, but we leverage our extensive relationships with journalists throughout the tech SaaS PR industry to get your story out there. It worked for BlackDice:

  • 16,300,000+ reach in first three months of delivery
  • Target titles landed

The successful growth of a technology company is never down to chance: it relies on carefully planning, strategic thought, and leveraging connections in the industry. It’s what we offer, and we do it well. 

Whether you’ve launched, are about to launch, or have a new product or service to sell, work with us to land your targeted industry press and reach your customers. Get in touch with us now.

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