OggaDoon have been working with Lithuanian VR superstars Telesoftas since December 2016. But outside of Eastern Europe, they were yet to raise their profile amongst FTSE 100 companies.
The solution?
Make a big impression on the world’s biggest mobile tech conference in Barcelona, taking their business into the fast lane.
OggaDoon stepped in to help Telesoftas up their game in a multi-platform marketing campaign. Starting from scratch, we developed unique tech content across multiple platforms, comms portals and third-party influencers, to begin a gradual buzz, which built into a crescendo in Barcelona.
This wasn’t easy: with 2,300 companies attending the conference the battle to get our client’s brand heard was fierce. So how did we manage to stand out from the crowd?
Our strategy was targeted when it needed to be, and broad with good news content, making Telesoftas a part of an increasing variety of conversations. Using a targeted, personalised campaign focused on individual needs, Telesoftas became the talk of tech guys across the conference.
We used Telesoftas’ latest virtual reality project to captivate the European press before the event, and gained traction with key influencers before Mobile World Congress. Once in Barcelona, we updated their social media regularly and brought in the support of the Telesoftas fan base to help them shine even more.
The result? Live TV coverage on Korean national broadcaster KBS, press attention from Japan Today, Yahoo News and Chinese, Indian and Lithuanian broadsheets. This translated into leads, deals and new opportunities for Telesoftas, and their most successful Mobile World Congress to date.