Elena-Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Elena, our new Digital Marketing Manager at OggaDoon

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Joining us all the way from Romania, please welcome our brand new Digital Marketing Manager, Elena! 

Elena is a creative and strategic digital marketing manager. Avid researcher, she transforms data inputs into narratives for improving brand touchpoints and enhancing the overall customer journey experience.

With a focus on growing companies through catchy social media and well-optimised content, Elena is both strategic and hands-on, when it comes to digital transformation.

Asked what her favorite digital marketing activity is, Elena answered: “It’s a very difficult question. Is like asking a mother which one of her children she loves more. I feel comfortable with content writing, but I like the thrill of social media and PPC’s constantly changing variables, while audience research does not let me sleep at times”.

Elena’s digital marketing expertise includes:


  • Managing digital marketing through social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, owned and earned online channels
  • Providing organizational analysis, improvement points, and thorough marketing strategies, assuring client satisfaction, even in a fully virtual environment
  • Designing and implementing personas cards and customer journey maps for enhancing customer experience
  • Managing events for B2B and B2C companies within fairs, exhibitions, contests, annual meetings, etc.
  • Optimising e-commerce websites, with a comprehensive integration of user experience and organizational objectives

After working in the Middle East region in the last two years in industries such as medical aesthetics and financial services, she decided to return to Europe, because she feels that “the weather is friendlier here :)”.

With a MA in Marketing & Communications from the University of Bucharest (Romania), Elena is a firm adept of the lifelong learning principle. As she says it, “Digital marketing has a beginning, but no ending”.

Join us in welcoming Elena at OggaDoon.

If your company needs a social media boost or a complete digital makeover…

Get in touch with Elena today.



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