‘Goats in Trees,’ is one of those weird and wonderful band names that could be deep and meaningful, but isn’t! The moniker literally refers to the Moroccan goats that stand on precarious branches to tuck in to their seasonal feast. Bizarre, sure, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation…
Henry Birt, drummer and lyricist for the band, explained how the image of goats perched on branches of Argania trees in Morocco was vivid and memorable. “It’s unique and different, making it easy for people to remember the name of our band.” A stroke of genius?
Social media has played a vital role in the success and evolution of the band, in particular on Facebook. “It’s not just a platform where you can post photos and release news, but it also allows you to connect with other pages to arrange gigs, set up event pages, establish release dates, and also help advertise releases to our followers,” Henry explained.
Twitter has been a huge part of their success too. Henry mused, “Tweets are a great source of communication to show your personality and sense of humour to your followers. I admire Liam Gallagher’s tweets as they are humorous and entertaining for his fans.”
So, how important is social media within the music industry? We know it helps to spread the word about new and upcoming artists, but surely we could live without social media, right? Henry disagrees: “Social media is crucial amongst musicians in order to do the majority of their advertising and promotions.”