You can’t sell to someone you don’t know. But what if you don’t want to sell? This was the startling and refreshing position that we embraced on a recent workshop we ran for the Prince’s Trust here in the South West.
With the opportunity to invest a little more resource into their marketing for one of their programmes, the Prince’s Trust had the enviable problem of having too many choices and not enough information to make a decision. Should they advertise in this way? Is this branch of marketing for them?Could they be exploring this? The team wanted to be effective and efficient in the communications that they created, and so they asked us to send in Emily for a Guerrilla Marketing and Communications Training workshop to show just how vital knowing your audience is. So without being there yourself, what can you learn?
Every opportunity has challenges
It doesn’t matter how excited you are about getting a new budget, or a new project, there are always going to be challenges or restrictions. For the Prince’s Trust, the Head Office needs to approve all the marketing carried out – but Emily revealed that every challenge can be turned right back on its head as a benefit. If Head Office has their own expectations of marketing, use them as a resource! Soundboard your ideas off them, as the experts. They have the contacts in the industry – use them. They have pre-created graphics, so borrow them. Thinking creatively to leapfrog over these challenges will making your guerrilla marketing even more effective.
Your audience matters
A fantastic section of the workshop explored the different types of young person that the Prince’s Trust supports and interacts with, and they could not look more different: a female teenager thrown out of her family home, a man in his twenties battling mental health issues, a pair of siblings in the care system, a single Dad trying to financially support his own parents through dropping out of university . . . By exploring the different needs, desires, fears, and goals of these ‘personas’, you can quickly see what guerrilla marketing techniques are going to reach them – and which to avoid.
Your audience may value you differently
The Prince’s Trust offers a variety of different programmes, and not all of them will suit every person, but it was clear through our workshop that the expected value of a training course differed depending on who they spoke to. What you think is exciting about your product may not be why someone buys. What makes your service special to you could be different to the end user. Understanding this journey will make you reach your audience much more effectively.
To learn more about the delivery of this bespoke workshop read our case study here.
Sometimes it can feel difficult to reach your audience – even if you know who they are. We believe guerrilla marketing is the key to unlocking your brand’s potential.