With the target of generating press coverage for Merle Hall, CEO of Kinneir Dufort, we crafted a press deck with clear hooks for Merle as a business leader, entrepreneur, and thought leader in sustainability.

Our PR and branding workshop included:

  • Personal branding
  • Pitch deck creation
  • Communication and messaging development

Impact report

  • Secured press coverage for Merle in the Telegraph, reaching 3 million readers
  • Crafted two pitch decks, one headlines and one in depth, that position Merle strongly within the business and sustainable space

Our half day workshop session with Merle and key team members of Kinneir Dufort helped us peel back the layers of her professional personality, and made it clear how we can leverage her within the press. The unique pitch deck detailed these leverage points and proactive and reactive pitching followed thanks to understanding exactly what journalists were looking for, and ensuring that we could provide them with meaningful content through Merle.

From this we were able to secure an interview opportunity for Merle with the Telegraph about her experience leading a business into a positive approach for part-time workers, reaching 3 million people around the world – and we’ve since gained 2 more impressive press stories with an international reach of over 16m.

To find out more about our work and the results read the full case study here.