Growth in the Tech Sector

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We’re very excited about the growth of cyber tech in the UK this year. It’s been a brilliant year to see the industry expand and bring in new developments.

And it’s needed. This has been a challenging year, with people forced into their homes and businesses forced to digitalise at a rapid rate. It’s been tough to keep up, and there’s been a huge rise in malware and ransomware attacks as a result. The UK industry is rising up to meet this, with cyber tech booming over the last couple of years to be worth more than £8 billion a year. 

Our cyber clients, including BlackDice, are smart and drive, doing incredible things to ensure our safety as we go online. Now is the time for cyber tech companies to step up and be seen – companies from enterprise to start-ups are looking to improve their security and this is where we can help you. Check out some of our recent articles on how to get started in cyber tech marketing and how to scale up your business

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