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PR that reached 35M people… during a pandemic

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We’ve all heard it over and over again, but these truly are unprecedented times. In the PR world, it’s also unprecedented. Magazines have scraped their forward features lists and the headlines are spontaneous and dynamic, meaning it can be difficult to land top tier press due to the pandemic.

Despite all odds, over the past four months we’ve landed coverage that reached 35M monthly unique readers for one of our digital clients.

Between June – September 2020, we reached out and liaised with:

  • 58 local and regional outlets
  • 22 tech outlets
  • 16 business outlets
  • 8 search engine outlets
  • 38 reactive pitches

This resulted in 11 PR opportunities which improved the client’s SEO ranking and reached 35M monthly unique readers, all during a pandemic.

Some of the titles we landed include:

  • Website Builder Expert
  • Business Express
  • Authority Magazine
  • Thrive Global
  • Express and Star
  • Hustlr
  • Bizvision

Not only was the client thrilled with the outcome of this PR campaign, but so were we. It proved to ourselves here at OggaDoon, that no matter what is thrown our way, come hell or high seas, or indeed, a pandemic, we can continue to deliver exceptional value for our clients by reaching far and wide and connecting clients and customers alike.

Want to know more? Call us on 07970233490 and your name could be appearing in top titles sooner than you think.

Author: Bobby Marsh

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