It’s not everyday that you receive a call from ITV News asking for an interview, but when you work hard to leverage guerrilla marketing tactics, the press end up coming to you.
That’s exactly what happened to our client,YellowDog, last week. Although there was a little concern from the person who took the call that they had received a prank call, we quickly investigated and spoke to Rupert Evelyn, West Country correspondent for ITV News, who was looking for a growing scale up company from the South West to comment on the growing skills gap in employment – and he wanted YellowDog.
Why? Well, YellowDog first came to their attention after winning the Start Up of the Year award from the Bristol Post. With an easy to find and easy to navigate website, they could see that the company was vibrant, growing, and media friendly. Lists of awards, a frequently updated blog feed, and engaging social media all demonstrated that this was a company likely to be happy to speak to the press.
And of course, we were. After liaising with Engine Shed to secure permission to film, gaining insight from Rupert ahead of time about what he wanted to speak to Gareth, the founder of YellowDog, about – giving him time to prepare – and briefing the YellowDog office about what was likely to occur, we met with Rupert and Luke, the cameraman and editor from ITV, to start filming.
What appeared to be a normal day turned into our client hitting the 10 o’clock News: and that is the power of guerrilla marketing. We weren’t pitching for that opportunity, we weren’t buying advertising space, and YellowDog hadn’t published a comment piece before on that topic.
So how did this press opportunity happen? Because YellowDog was present in the media space; the YellowDog branding stands for something vibrant and growing; and at each and every touch point, YellowDog was clearly a brand that was happy to communicate.
That is what we do with our clients. We make no guarantees and no promises, but use hard work, creative content, and guerrilla marketing tactics to encourage opportunities.
Whether you take up that opportunity is up to you.
Are you hoping to get your brand in the press conscience? Is getting on TV one of your KPIs for 2018? Hoping that someone from the press will pick up the phone and call you? Is your brand lost in PR noise, and you don’t know how to cut through? Let us be your guide: our free ebook 5 Ways Guerrilla Marketing with Transform your Business gives you all you need to know to use guerrilla marketing tactics to shout about you.