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Creating a Healthy Social Media Presence for a Medical Professional

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NHS emergency Doctor, World Health Organisation (WHO) digital expert, founder of Arian Teleheal charity, multi award winner. Is it possible for one person to achieve all of this? Believe it or not, it is. Introducing Dr Waheed Arian.

When he’s not in a hospital, Dr Waheed is working on Arian Teleheal, an organisation which enables doctors working in war zones and low resource countries to consult with expert clinicians around the world by using everyday technology, such as video chat on smart phones. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Dr Waheed has been focused on communicating useful and reliable information about the pandemic on social media.

Originally, Dr Waheed wanted to increase his social media presence to aid the launch of his new health tech business. However, the decision was made to work on his social media brand first. Here’s why Dr Waheed’s social media branding is important:

●To increase brand awareness

●Defining brand values prior to the launch of the new health tech business creates brand trust

●A strong brand positions Dr Waheed as an expert in his field

● A cohesive brand helps to establish and nurture relationships with key media contacts

Dr Waheed’s aim was to increase his audience and brand awareness across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

We began working with him on his social media presence in March and in four weeks we secured:

● 653,000 impressions and 34,585 engagements on Twitter

● 9,374 impressions on Instagram

● A 3,500% increase in engagements on LinkedIn

● An established Facebook page, generating an organic following of highly engaged users

To achieve this we created a new Facebook page, adjusted existing LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts to increase brand awareness, created a tailored social media content calendar, and measured progress using weekly analytics reports.

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Author: Bobby Marsh

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