Social media. In a new house-bound world, it’s the place where everyone is and where all brands should be. Throughout April, we worked closely with Sarah Bolt, CEO and Founder of Forth, to help develop Forth’s social media presence and engage with their customers through social and digital marketing. 

Following the nation wide lockdown at the end of March, it became crystal clear that digital marketing was the way forward to navigate inbound sales and revenue generation. To do this and avoid the need for crisis marketing, a strong social media presence became more important than ever. 

In the space of four weeks we worked up a new digital marketing strategy, created new content streams, crafted new posts and increased posting. We then got down to business and activated our digital marketing strategy to build up Forth’s social presence.

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Forth have been active on social media since the brand launched, however Covid19 has caused customer behaviour to shift globally and community engagement on social media is now the key to inbound sales. 

We can help if your business has slowed and you’re in need of crisis marketing. 

In one month for Forth, through a clever mix of digital media and social marketing, we delivered: 

  • +200% increase in Instagram Profile Visits 
  • +35.2% increase in Facebook Engagement
  • 5.5 average Profile Visits per Tweet

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