Welcome to your digital reboot

2020 is the year the world switched online and businesses had to change their marketing strategies. With traffic increased by nearly 50% in the first few months of the year, your audience is waiting for you online, make sure your business is there and ready to meet them.

You want strong results from your marketing strategy, numbers like these that we achieved for Immortal Sport to drive traffic, sales and boost revenue:

So how do you get there?

The new landscape

Have you noticed a drop in traffic and revenue? Has your marketing strategy changed since the pandemic? It’s time for your digital facelift, shift your focus, and build up your sales from new sources. 

Get results with your marketing strategy

Our team of experts knows their stuff. We get results like this for the Engine Shed:

Digitally rebooting your business will put you in the same place as your audiences. They are consuming more content than ever and will be looking for more – boost your presence by creating excellent relevant content. Rethink where your audience and what they want to see and hear from you. 

Rebooting your business

Pivot your marketing tactics to make sure you’re building your presence for your audiences. Refresh your marketing strategy to include more digital tactics, such as:

Be where your customers are. Make sure your content marketing resonates with them.

How we do it

Look at your business and revenue goals, review your objectives, analyse the marketplace and then get going to secure you reach and leads. Do you need support for your in-house marketing team or a company that can work alone? Our team of experts can support your marketing strategy needs. 

Let’s get started.

Tactics have to change

How people consume and interact with information is different since the pandemic:

And their behaviours have permanently changed with people planning to continue this way ongoing. Some businesses know this and are preparing for a post-locakdon economy – Google trend analysis has shown a 300% increase in SEO services and software demand since the start of the outbreak. If you aren’t online, then your competitors are.

Next Steps

Start with your business goals. What does success look like to you? More traffic, more engagement on social media, more sales? Then we go from then, developing a strategy and plan to generate leads and increase your brand awareness. Creating or adapting your marketing strategy to achieve the results you need.

Choose from the marketing mix or let us use our skills to drive inbound leads: social media, content marketing, link building, marketing automation, SEO/keyword analysis, PPC fundamentals, email marketing.

Book your 30-minute free chat about your business marketing strategy and digital reboot with CEO Caroline Macdonald or Claire Snook, associate director, to see how your business can digitally reboot.