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How to use your LinkedIn profile to increase your online presence

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LinkedIn is so much more than a CV site, it has built to become a real resource for building profiles of both businesses and professionals. The platform is a valuable one for all business professionals and used in the right way as part of a wider digital marketing strategy can bring plenty of eyes on your personal and company brand. It’s a brilliant networking tool, allowing you to search for and connect with key people across industries for new business, new staff, freelancers, and ideas. 

A few changes to how you use LinkedIn and the content you put up can make big changes for you in the future. 

How to grow companies’ online presence with LinkedIn?

With new updates being announced regularly, there are many opportunities for companies to use their LinkedIn page profiles to grow their online presence. Here are our four tips to growing your companies’ online presence with LinkedIn:

Tip #1: Be more than a page with sparse information.

This is where you can tell the story of your brand, share your services, and demonstrate your expertise. People use LinkedIn to find information on companies and be sure to provide them with what they need. 

Tip #2: Understand your audience.

LinkedIn provides you with analytics so you can understand who is visiting your profile. Make sure they make up with the profiles of your customers. If not, ask some of your customers what information they want your company to provide for them on LinkedIn. Creating relevant content of interest is absolutely paramount. 

Tip #3: Post regularly.

Once a month is not enough. Once a week might not be enough for your audience. Two or three times a week will help spark interest.

Tip #4: Post content at the right times.

This is generally before 8.30am, then at 12.00noon and after 5.00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. There are tools to help you understand how your audience engages with your content and it’s worth doing a little investigating to make sure you’re delivering at the optimum time. 

How individuals and CEOs can grow their online presence with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is where people come to find out about you and your expertise. You are an extension of your company and so your LinkedIn profile should reflect that in the headline.

Tip #1: Share your title on your LinkedIn profile

Your title is important, and depending on your industry, decide whether it’s best to have a simpler title that explains your role better or use your official one. 

Tip #2: Make use of all LinkedIn features

Fill in your experience with the headlines, and don’t forget to celebrate your achievements. Make sure your profile picture looks professional and add a cover image that sells your personal brand. Ensure you’ve filled in your work history fully and get those reviews! Testimonials are a very powerful way to show off your expertise. 

Tip #3: Post on LinkedIn to grow your online presence

Lastly, publish posts on your LinkedIn profile page. Post often, at least two or three times a week, with content that is relevant to your network. Test to see what works and what doesn’t. Use images and videos to capture attention in newsfeeds, and don’t forget to add hashtags to your posts so people can find your content.

Consider posting articles. These are longer pieces of content coming from your profile and are added to LinkedIn’s central content hub. This will get your thoughts and opinions out to a much wider audience than your network, so explore and see what others have posted here, and what you could do. 

LinkedIn profile search

This is just the tip of the iceberg that will lead to others discovering you or your company through LinkedIn profile search. But the simple steps above will breathe new life into your profiles and begin to gain traction for you. Contact us to see how to make the most of your LinkedIn.

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Author: Bobby Marsh

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