We know that outside of the UK, many journalists and investors struggle to name a British city beyond London – so on behalf of our clients, we work hard to ensure that they are put on the map by generating press coverage.

We recently invited Peter Evans, of The Times, to visit us and meet some of the vibrant and innovative technology companies that are delivering on a global scale.

Within a week, Peter had written a piece that highlighted the depth of technological creativity in the South West, stating:

YellowDog has raised £2.8m in investment and… its rise has coincided with a flurry of promising companies emerging in Bristol.”

Peter Evans, ‘Welcome to Silicon Gorge – not part of London’, The Times, 20th January 2019
press coverage

As well as YellowDog, our client Engine Shed was featured in the piece with a prominent quote from Director Nick Sturge, along with some of our friends: Tech Nation, Ultrahaptics, Graphcore, and Blu Wireless.

We’ll continue to drive forward landing press coverage for our clients, and if you’re trying to make some noise, then why not become one of them?

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