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Social Marketing: Creating a buzz with nothing but a smartphone

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Launching a brand from scratch can seem daunting; but in one month we successfully launched two. We worked closely with Mel Rodrigues, Creative Director and Curator of TEDxBristol, to help her launch two new brands digitally and generate an online buzz using nothing but a smartphone and social marketing skills.

Following the success of TEDxBristol 2019: Reflect, Rethink, Reboot, Mel enlisted our help with the digital launch of her two new brands: Gritty Pearl Productions and Gritty Talent. In the space of four weeks we established a presence across four major social platforms; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We created over 80 pieces of written content specially curated for each platform, along with accompanying visual content. We also hooked in key journalists and influencers to help generate a buzz and develop brand awareness.

Chat with us about how we did it.

Gritty founder, Mel, isn’t a stranger to being at the helm of a business and is well known throughout Bristol. Nevertheless, launching a new brand is no easy feat. Creating a reputation and getting the name out there is hard no matter how fantastic the team behind it are. That’s why we had to fire up the engines, sharpen our social marketing tools, and hit social media hard to make an impact.

Through a clever mix of brand, guerilla, and social marketing we delivered: 

  • 35,000 impressions on Twitter across the two brands
  • 2,000 impressions on LinkedIn across the two brands
  • A combined reach of 4.5K on Facebook
  • 2 established Instagram accounts curating a following of organic, high engaging users

Looking to relaunch your brand after lockdown? We’re guerilla marketing experts.

Author: Bobby Marsh

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