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Sawday’s search for a star! Our guerrilla recruitment marketing campaign

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We’ve teamed up with Sawday’s to deliver a guerrilla-style communications campaign, #LoveSawdays, to find their new marketing star, a commercially savvy and creative marketing manager with a passion for travel.

Digital marketing services included:

  • Social Media Management; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Content Creation
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Social media Ads

Impact report

  • 188% increase on 40 applicant target
  • Average of 65,284 reached daily on Twitter
  • 19% engagement rate across social media
  • 33% engagement rate on Facebook alone
  • Reach 23,000 specialists through targeted social ads
The innovative campaign offers £2,000 finder’s fee for Marketing Manager
Sawday’s, one of the UK’s leading independent travel companies, has today launched #LoveSawdays, an alternative recruitment campaign. The company is on the search for its next marketing star to take up the reins as Sawday’s Marketing Manager with applicants and friends incentivised with a cash reward of £2,000.
The move comes after traditional recruitment channels fell short of delivering quality candidates for the crucial role befit for a marketer with a passion for alternative travel. #LoveSawday’s is a multi-faceted comms campaign being delivered across social media and digital. At the same time, Sawday’s has launched its ‘Wonder Job’ feature for interested people wanting to work with the company.
For the past 20 years, Sawday’s has celebrated fabulous, quirky, characterful and downright lovely places that make holidays special. Moving from the publishing world into digital marketing has meant that Sawday’s fan base is broad with the brand loved by many, often being the ‘go-to’ guide for that special place to stay and eat. As the company has grown, so too has the need for effective recruitment leading to the launch of #LoveSawdays campaign.
MD of Sawday’s, Toby Sawday, said:
“We’re a much-loved business with a rich heritage and a loyal following on a journey to embrace new technologies and to make our unique collection of special places flourish in a digital era. To do this we need brilliant people. So I’m super pleased to launch our #LoveSawdays campaign to find our next Marketing Manager.
We’re after the right person: a marketing whizz who can bring pizazz and imagination, who gets the importance of revenue, a hustler, thinker and doer. This role is not just for anyone, it needs to be someone special who believes in making the world a better, more interesting and richly-experienced place and who has the drive to carve out a career doing just that here at Sawday’s.”
£2K up for grabs – do know someone who fits the bill?
The call is out for people to share, like and tag #LoveSawdays to spread the word and help Sawday’s in their search for their next marketing star. The Marketing Manager role application close date is Friday 6 May 2016 and applicants are asked to submit a short video about themselves.
Please tag, share, send, like across your contacts and touchpoints using #LoveSawdays and you could be £2k up!
Find out more about how to apply or nominate someone for the post of marketing manager via the Sawday’s website.
You can also find out more about working with Sawday’s and how to create your Wonder Job.
The OggaDoon job board
In addition, we’ve also launched the OggaDoon job board on our website. We’ve been asked so many times by clients and contacts if we can help with finding their next communications or brand manager that it’s easier for us to have our own job board to hold all the opportunities.
If you have a vacancy and want to ensure you attract the best talent then get in touch with us today and see how we can elevate your content and get the best of the best applying to your role.

To read more about the success of our #LoveSawdays campaign read our case study here.

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