Last month TEDxBristol stormed the Bristol Old Vic Stage with their incredible Reflect, Rethink, Reboot event. The line up of speakers was incredibly diverse, as were the topics covered, meaning there was plenty of work to be done to get the word out – and we were a massive part of it!

Through our role as an Associate Partner for TEDxBristol we were in charge of generating press around the event, inviting media to attend, and managing the team of Bath Spa Media students who were covering the event from all angles on social media.

We landed 6 Exclusive Print Features, 5 Radio Interviews, and successfully invited 10 journalists to attend the event. This resulted in an audience of 850,000 people.

We made #TEDxBristol and #ReflectRethinkReboot trend number 1 + 2 in Bristol.

And reached 68,435 people on just Twitter and Facebook alone.

Our PR and Digital Marketing Executive, Bobby Marsh was the driving force behind our success at TEDxBristol. He worked closely with the TEDxBristol core team to make sure the day ran smoother than silk and every student knew exactly what needed to be done to generate first class coverage.

Throughout the day we saw one groundbreaking talk after another. But don’t worry if you missed them, each one will be uploaded to TEDx Talk’s YouTube page over the next few weeks – follow them on social media to be the first one to know when they go live. @TEDxBristol.

If you would like to grab a coffee with Bobby or anyone else at OggaDoon HQ to find out how we can help elevate your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.