Kickstarter success

Flourish Smashes Kickstarter Success

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Flourish is a travel and lifestyle magazine that aims to capture those moments that we treasure: colours, tastes, smells, and the real story behind a place.

Crowdfunding, digital marketing and PR services included:

  • Kickstarter copywriting
  • Social media management; Twitter
  • Online community engagement
  • Content creation

Impact report:

  • 40% funded in 24 hours
  • Over funded by 68% after 60 days
  • Investment from 169 backers
  • Over £4200 raised

We woke up on the weekend to the excellent news that our client Flourish Magazine has smashed through their crowdfunding target – a Kickstarter success with half of their campaign still to go!

kickstarter success

After successfully publishing Volume 1 of Flourish Magazine in 2018, founder and editor Lucy Saunders came to us for help with the Kickstarter campaign for Volume 2 – and it’s been a riotous success so far having hit the all important 40% in 48 hours in December.

Ella, our Creative Content Executive, shared: “We could see the incredible uniqueness in what Flourish Magazine creates, and through our targeted campaign we have found people from around the world who understand and share a passion for that vision. We’re so pleased for Lucy, and will continue to support her until the campaign closes.”

If you’re looking for a PR agency for crowdfunding then look no further: we absolutely deliver for all of our campaigns, which boast a 100% success rate.

Read the full case study here or get in touch now.

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