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Using Social Media marketing for SEO

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People often ask whether social media marketing impacts your website’s ranking on search engines. The answer is no… although it does impact the volume of traffic coming to your website.

Social media works in tandem with SEO, drawing in visitors and increasing brand awareness. In turn, SEO then ensures your website is at the top of the search heap. Essentially, social media marketing helps people find your brand, SEO drives traffic to your website when they search for related queries. It’s difficult to get one working without the other.

So, how do I get social media and SEO working together?

With 2.6 billion monthly active users on Facebook as of the first quarter of 2020, social media is bigger than ever and is a fantastic place to find new customers. But you need to shout about your work, loudly. There’s a lot of competition and to increase social media lead generation you’ll need to get your content out in an engaging way and then repeat it, in a different, yet still engaging, way that links back to the same content.

Another knock on effect of using social media is that you can prompt other people to shout about your brand for you. However, it’s important to caveat that people can’t link to something they don’t know about, so you still need to include regular engaging posts into your social media marketing strategy. Other people can then find your content and boost it by sharing it to their networks or linking to it in their own posts. 

By increasing positive brand mentions, you’ll start to form relationships and a small community of brand advocates. This is a great way to use social media marketing as means to boost your SEO performance. Your community will allow you to find strategic partners who can mutually benefit from sharing your content on social and also uploading it to their websites, and vice versa. This will then open up visibility of both your brands, accessing more potential customers and help with your website’s link building.

Finally, Keywords. 

SEO keywords are used to act as page markers that let search engines like Google and Bing know your website is relevant to the search phrase. On social media, keywords can be used in a similar way, except instead of grabbing Google’s attention, they grab people’s. So use hashtags to hook in users who are searching for these terms and you’ll notice a real difference. It’s also likely that the effective social media keywords will be different from your individual webpage keywords, nevertheless they will be associated words that still draw relevant people to your webpage.  

Want to know more about social media marketing and how it impacts your SEO performance? Talk to us, we’re experts.

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