social media workshopOne of the challenges of social media marketing is that it’s always changing – as soon as you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re doing, the platform updates its algorithms and it can feel as though you’re back to square one. 

Businesses that are focused on growth are aware of this, and are constantly looking for opportunities to upskill, which is why our Social Media Workshops are so popular. Each one is tailored to the participants, and to give you a taste of how this works, let us talk you through one that our Creative Content Manager, Emily Perkins, ran near the end of this year. 

Hosted for the Network for Creative Enterprise, the workshop contained over 15 people who identified as beyond ‘beginner’ in social media but wanted to take it to the next level for their business. 

Emily ensured that we had a clear understanding of the industries and niches that participants were coming from, to ensure that each and every slide in her presentation deck delivered immense value for participants. 

social media workshopThe session started by asking everyone what they wanted to leave the room either knowing more about, understanding better, or how to make tangible active changes to their business. That insight enabled Emily to curate what insight and expertise she brought, live in that session. 

It helps when the person running your workshop is a seasoned speaker, having spoken just in the last few months at Bath Digital Festival, OiConf, Girl Geek Dinners, DBM, and Digital Marketing Meetup.

Marketing and guerrilla comms is all about adaptability, and that goes right down to the nitty-gritty of delivering a workshop. No two social media marketing workshops are ever the same, as no two groups of businesses are ever the same. 

social media marketingWorkshops may look easy to manage, but elevating the knowledge of those around you is a complex task when you need to understand just where each person is coming from. Every participant needs to come away feeling enriched and better equipped for their business goals.

And what did the Network for Creative Enterprise think? 

“Thanks so much for yesterday! The tone was just right and people got so much out of the workshop. Thanks again – I am sat near one of my residents today and I can hear them planning their social campaign!”

Charlotte Godfrey Hub Producer: Network for Creative Enterprise

If you’re wondering if your team could benefit from a social media marketing refresh – or other marketing, communications, or branding training – get in touch with Emily by clicking here